Short Girl List


Click The Things You've Done!

Been patted on the head
Been used as an armrest
Been picked up when hugging a friend hello
Gotten a face full of boob when hugging someone goodbye
Had to stand on your tiptoes to kiss someone
Been in the front of every group picture ever
Been too short to be in a selfie
Seen nothing at a concert because you were standing behind tall people
Gotten a guy to put you on his shoulders during a concert
Struggled to reach equipment at the gym
Worn pants that dragged on the ground
Hemmed your pants
Cuffed your jeans at least 3 times
Had a dress that wasn't actually a maxi dress but looked like one on you
Worn a shirt as a dress
Asked a stranger to reach something for you in a store
Climbed up the racks in a store
Asked a stranger to reach something for you on an airplane
Climbed on the kitchen counter to reach the top shelf
Been too short to see in a mirror
Had to jump to see in a mirror
Been called "fun-sized"
Been told "Wow, you're short!"
Sat super close to the steering wheel just to reach the pedals
Sat too low to benefit from the visor in the car
Been choked by your seat belt
Dove into a washer to reach the clothes on the bottom
Been in over your head in the shallow end
Swung your feet around while sitting in a chair because they don't reach the ground
Felt like a small child next to your tall friend
Struggled to make your bed because your arms are short
Struggled to wash your car because your arms are short
Banged your hips into tables because they're exactly hip height
Intentionally worn heels when everyone else was wearing flats
Ducked under people to get through a crowd
Struggled to get a bartender's attention
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