100 Things To Do Before You Die

100 of the most popular bucket list items. Click the ones you have done then share your list!


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Visit all seven continents
See the Northern Lights
Ride In a Helicopter
Shower in a Waterfall
Get Married
Walk Along The Great Wall of China
Ride In A Hot Air Balloon
Sleep Under The Stars
Bunjee Jump
Climb a volcano
Fly first class
Get a Tattoo
See The Pyramids
Ride a Horse
Sky Dive
Learn to Dance
Go To Las Vegas
Go On a Cruise
Attend the Olympic Games
Watch an eclipse
Go On safari
learn a Foreign language
skinny dip
Ride in a Limousine
Go sailing
Take a road trip
Watch Baby Turtles Hatch
Go to a Concert
See A Play
ride a gondola In Venice
See the Grand Canyon
Scuba Dive The Great Barrier Reef
Go To mardis gras
Have Kids
Visit The louvre
Sunbathe On A tropical Beach
Climb a Mountain
Stand on the Equator
See Victoria Falls
Swim With Dolphins
watch a meteor shower
Ride a Roller Coaster
Visit Machu Picchu
Relax In A hot spring
Go White Water Rafting
Sleep In A castle
Go To Oktoberfest
Experience weightless
Throw a party
Write a Book
See The Taj Mahal
Visit The Amazon
Go paragliding
New Year’s eve in Times Square
Visit Australia
Go Whale Watching
Ride A Motorcycle
Sleep In A Treehouse
Go ice skating
Visit Easter Island
Float in the Dead Sea
See A Glacier
Go zip lining
Dine In Paris
Try Rock Climbing
Go In A submarine
Visit The Swiss Alps
visit Chichen Itza
See The Terracotta Army
Explore a Cave
See Mount Everest
dive with sharks
See The Sistine Chapel
Visit Angel Falls
Attend The Opera
learn to play an instrument
See The Dikes And Windmills In Holland
Chase a storm
Visit Angkor Wat
Have A Massage
Stay At The Ice Hotel In Sweden
Try Painting Again As An Adult
See a Ballet
Do a Marathon
Plant a tree and watch it grow
Get a complete makeover
Visit Greece
Learn a martial art
Go Backpacking
Learn To Cook Like A Chef
Take A Mud Bath
Conquer your biggest fear
See The cherry blossoms in Japan
Have A Picnic
See Christ the Redeemer Statue
Vist Petra In Jordan
Visit The Colosseum In Rome
Visit All 50 Of The United States
Romantic Movies
Countries Of The World
Foods Of The World
100 Things To Do Before You Die
Classic Literature